Volvo speeds ahead of the competition when it comes to vehicle safety


For decades, Volvo has been synonymous with “safety”. Their invention of the three-point seatbelt has led to years and years of safety innovation and technology. 


After the creation of the three-point seatbelt (which they denied to patent and thus helped save over a million lives worldwide), Volvo moved onto the invention of the rear-facing child safety seat and the child booster seat. Volvo believed that safety is important to even the smallest of passengers. 


Next on Volvo’s list of safety accomplishments expanding the use of airbags and later developing the first-ever side-impact airbag. As the years progressed and more intuitive technology became available in automotives, Volvo debuted its City Safety system to help mitigate collisions with pedestrians, other vehicles, large animals, and cyclists. 


Safety isn’t just a priority at Volvo, it’s a constant study. Inside their high-tech crash test facility are two test tracks that can simulate a variety of different car accident scenarios - including rollovers. For the study of real-life accidents, Volvo has a team of analysts for that as well. If a Volvo is involved in an accident in Sweden, the Volvo Cars Traffic Accident Research Team is deployed to the collision site to collect data that goes into making upcoming Volvo models even safer. 


The engineers at Volvo acknowledge that Volvos are already safe vehicles, but that doesn’t stop them from pursuing other avenues of passenger and driver safety. The ongoing research, development, and testing that goes into their automotives demonstrate that Volvo will never stop trying to make the safest vehicles possible. 


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