Sugar the Golden Retriever Gives the Volvo V60 Cross Country Four Paws Up!

Volvo describes the new V60 Cross Country as bringing together "a luxurious driving experience with go-anywhere capability." That sounds great for the humans, but…what about your dog? Will he or she enjoy the ride? Sugar the Golden Retriever recently got a chance to check out the Volvo V60 Cross Country and he rated it as super dog friendly, with an enthusiastic four paws up! Features like 266 lb. ft. of torque will make tackling any road easy, while the 7.9" ground clearance and sturdy construction offer great control and improved handling over rougher driving conditions. Plus, the 43.8 cubic feet of cargo space can even accommodate more passengers –or dogs! - with three individual folding seats in the rear. The V60 Cross Country Inside you'll find creature comforts to keep the humans happy like a Sensus navigation system and 7" control screen, a wifi hotspot, and more. All of that contained in the stylish, sleek exterior that's just as at home on the road with the kids as it is at the valet stand of your favorite night spot. Visit Don Beyer Volvo of Winchester to test drive a new Volvo V60 Cross Country wagon or explore our exceptional inventory of new Volvos.
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