Volvo XC90 T8 Hybrid Sets the Stage, then Steals the Show

The power of innovation never ceases to amaze us here at Don Beyer of Winchester, and this next video from Volvo demonstrates exactly the sort of innovative thinking that will carry us into the future. Can one Volvo XC90 T8 Hybrid steal the wasted energy from all the other cars as they drive by on a California highway? You’ll just have to take a look at the video and see!

The charging station features in the video above is definitely innovative, and a true demonstration of engineering prowess, but it’s unlikely that we’ll see this technology used to charge our vehicles any time soon. Instead, the video is more about drawing attention to how we all conceive of energy, as well as the potential for pioneering technologies to capture, store, and access energy in new and different ways. The XC90 T8 Hybrid represents a shift in ideology that said a hybrid electric vehicle had to be small and dutiful—the XC90 is a powerful, large SUV that also happens to be a hybrid. Who knew “going green” could feel like this?

“The all-new Volvo XC90 T8 proves that great power can come from anywhere, from traditional engines to electric motors, and beyond. Highway Robbery is yet another way we are able to showcase our thinking not just about our cars, but how they can affect the world around them. We’re posing big questions as we seek out new, fresh ways about how and where we can enable the future of driving.” –John Militello, Director of Marketing, Volvo Car USA

If you’re ready to challenge your expectations of what a hybrid SUV can feel like, come see us in our Winchester showroom or call us at (888) 419-3235 to schedule a test drive. Just be sure you’ve got some extra room in your driveway, because once you drive this handsome SUV, you’re going to have a hard time leaving it behind on our lot. Of course, we also have a great selection of new Volvo models for you to choose from, just to complicate your decision even more—but no worries, someone from our sales team will be happy to help you navigate the car buying process start to finish.

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