Volvo Looking to Boost Electric Car Sales by 2025


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As the demand for electric vehicles continue to grow, so too does the market. With automakers like Tesla and BMW leading the charge, innovative car companies -- like Volvo -- are looking to make a name for themselves in other popular global markets.

Recently, "Volvo has doubled down on electrification," writes the staff at Gizmag. "It previously stated intentions of offering plug-in hybrid variants of every model, and it's been following through with the likes of the new S90 sedan and V90 wagon. It only plans to get more aggressive with electrification in the coming years, announcing this week that it hopes to sell up to one million electrified vehicles (all-electric and plug-in hybrid models), in total, by 2025."

As Volvo's momentum continues to ramp up, be sure to keep a close eye on our new inventory to ensure you don't miss the arrival of Volvo's latest electrified vehicles.

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