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Don Beyer Volvo Of Winchester

Don Beyer Volvo Of Winchester

Don Beyer Volvo Of Winchester, VA Dealership : New Volvo & Used Car Dealer Serving Harrisonburg VA, Hagerstown & Frederick, MD

We have a complete lineup of new and used cars for the Winchester, Harrisonburg VA, Hagerstown and Frederick, MD, region, and our customer care continues long after you buy or lease a Volvo - thanks to our dedicated car service and auto repair team. Don Beyer Volvo Of Winchester makes the process of securing Volvo your next vehicle easy for you. Stop in and see what makes us different!

At Don Beyer Volvo Of Winchester, (Serving Winchester, Harrisonburg VA, Frederick and Hagerstown MD) our goal is to make your next car-buying experience a positive one. That means helping you every step of the way. When you visit our new Volvo dealership in Winchester, you'll find popular new 2014 - 2015 Volvo cars. Come see our new Volvo S80, XC60, XC90, C30 and XC70 - all ready to show you exactly what they're made of, via quick a test drive. Of course, if you have any questions about the rave-worthy features found in current or previous model years beforehand, you're always welcome to contact us during regular business hours.

Not looking for a new vehicle? Try our large selection of used cars in the Winchester area and come visit us at Don Beyer Volvo Of Winchester located at 4015 Valley Pike, Winchester, Virginia. We have a vast inventory of pre-owned vehicles that will be sure to satisfy your used car purchasing needs, from used convertibles, sports cars, coupes, sedans, to SUVs, trucks and crossovers. Our sales team will be sure to help locate the perfect vehicle for you.

Winchester Drivers: Volvo Car Financing, Auto Parts & Car Repair

If you're like the majority of drivers who visit the new Volvo and used car showrooms at 4015 Valley Pike Winchester, Virginia, you need financing. We know...most people cringe at the word. But, at Don Beyer Volvo Of Winchester, serving Harrisonburg VA, Hagerstown, Frederick MD and more, you don't have to. Our loan and lease wizards work their magic so that you get the best, hassle-free Volvo car financing you could imagine. Why do we work so hard to get the terms and conditions you need? So that you can fully enjoy the inherent joy of buying a new or used car without anything getting in the way.

When you take your Volvo to Don Beyer Volvo Of Winchester in Winchester, Virginia for auto service, you can rest assured knowing your vehicle is in the hands of highly-skilled technicians. Working with Volvo autos every day isn't just what our auto service and car repair team does. It isn't just something we're good at. It's our love...which means we have as much invested in maintaining, and when necessary repairing, your car as you do. And, if you decide you want to do it yourself, we'll happily provide you with any manufacturer certified Volvo parts you might need - from oil filers to batteries to tires.

Among the many services Don Beyer Volvo Of Winchester routinely performs are wheel repairs, auto glass repairs, muffler repairs, transmission repairs, tire rotations, oil changes, belt inspections and more.

To find out more about Don Beyer Volvo Of Winchester in Winchester take a look at our About Us page.Our Dealership: Directions are the easiest way to find our dealership. Give us a call at (540) 868-3000 if you need assistance. We're located at 4015 Valley Pike Winchester VA 22602.

New Volvo Line-Up

C30 Roadster | C70 | S60 | S80 | XC60 | XC70 | XC90

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  • Matthew Vollmers
    General Manager
    (540) 868-3000

    Favorite FoodBar-Be-Que
    Favorite Movie:From the Earth to the Moon
    Favorite TV Show:Big Bang Theory
    Favorite Book:It's Your Ship & The Right Stuff
    Family Heritage:Greek & German
    Where I grew up:Army Brat
    Favorite Vacation Spot:Glendorn Lodge- Bradford PA
    Favorite Number:15
    First Car I Owned:1985 VW GTI
    Favorite Sport:Tennis
    Favorite Sports Team:USNA Navy
    Favorite Superhero:Iron Man
    If I could have dinner with anyone:Thomas Jefferson
    Favorite Color:Navy Blue
    Phone App:Radar Now

  • Jeremy Seibert
    Sales Manager
    (540) 868-3000

    Favorite Food:Chicken Parmesan
    Favorite Movie:The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
    Favorite TV Show:Seinfeld
    Family Heritage:German / English
    Where I grew up:Charles Town, WV
    Favorite Vacation Spot:Cape Hatteras (Outer Banks, NC)
    Favorite Number:42
    First Car I Purchased:1968 Ford Mustang
    Favorite Sport:Football
    Favorite Sports Team:Pittsburgh Steelers
    If I could have dinner with anyone:My Daughter
    Favorite Color:Blue

  • Matt Young
    Finance Director
    (540) 868-3000

    Favorite FoodNY Strip Steak
    Favorite Book: The Alchemist
    Family Heritage:European Mutt
    Where I grew up:Northern Virginia
    Favorite Vacation Spot:Anywhere but work
    Favorite Number:22
    First Car I Owned:Chrysler Lebaron Convertible
    Favorite Sport: Baseball
    Favorite Sports Team: Boston Red Sox
    Favorite Superhero:Batman
    If I could have dinner with anyone:Julius Cesar
    Favorite Color:Yellow
    Phone App:ESPN

  • Thomas DeSocio
    Service Manager
    (540) 868-3000

    Favorite Food:The Peking Gourmet Inn, Falls Church
    Favorite Movie:It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
    Favorite TV Show:NCIS
    Favorite Book:The Godfather
    Family Heritage:See #4
    Where I grew up:Baltimore and Falls Church
    Favorite Vacation Spot:Bethany Beach DE
    Favorite Number:7
    First Car I Owned:1961 Chevy Impala
    Favorite Sport:Golf
    Favorite Sports Team:Orioles
    Favorite Superhero:Superman
    If I could have dinner with anyone:Jesus, My Wife, Warren Buffett
    Favorite Color:Green
    Favorite App on phone:Instagram

  • Colleen McKimmy
    Inventory Manager
    (540) 868-3000

    Favorite Food:Anything with chocolate
    Favorite Movie:Bring up Baby
    Favorite TV Show:Big Bang Theory
    Favorite Book:The Importance of Being Ernest
    Family Heritage:Irish
    Where I grew up:Navy Brat
    Favorite Vacation Spot:Ireland
    Favorite Number:7326
    First Car I Owned:1968 Pontiac Grand Prix
    Favorite Sport:Hockey
    Favorite Sports Team:Chicago Blackhawks
    Favorite Superhero:My Dad
    If I could have dinner with anyone:Nikola Tesla
    Favorite Color:Violet
    Phone App:Audio Books

  • Jim Maddux
    Sales and Leasing Consultant
    (540) 868-3000

    Favorite FoodBaked pork chops
    Favorite Movie:Shawshank Redemption
    Favorite TV Show:Dallas
    Favorite Book:Travels with Charlie
    Family Heritage:Scots/Irish/German/English
    Where I grew up:Central South Carolina
    Favorite Vacation Spot:Waikiki Beach
    Favorite Number:13
    First Car I Owned:Plymouth
    Favorite Sport:Football
    Favorite Sports Team:Redskins
    Favorite Superhero:Capt America
    If I could have dinner with anyone:Robert E Lee
    Favorite Color:Blue
    Phone App:Off Button

  • Phillip Breeden
    Sales & VW Consultants
    (540) 868-3010

    Favorite FoodSteak
    Favorite Movie:Shawshank Redemption
    Favorite TV Show:Big Bang Theory
    Favorite Book:Biography of Martin Luther King
    Family Heritage:English
    Where I grew up:Clarke County
    Favorite Vacation Spot:The Beach
    Favorite Number:13
    First Car I Owned:1974 VW Beatle
    Favorite Sport:Football
    Favorite Sports Team:Cowboys
    Favorite Superhero:Superman
    If I could have dinner with anyone:My Grand Daughters
    Favorite Color:Blue
    Phone App:You Tube

  • T "Fitz" Fitzgerald
    Service Advisor
    (540) 868-3000

    Favorite FoodAnything
    Favorite TV Show:Six Feet Under
    Family Heritage:Irish
    Where I grew up:Baltimore
    Favorite Vacation Spot:Wildwood NJ
    Favorite Number:43
    First Car I Owned:1964 Tempest Convertible
    Favorite Sport:Baseball
    Favorite Sports Team:Baltimore Orioles
    Favorite Superhero:TV Series Batman
    Favorite Color:Orange

  • Dave Abrell
    Parts Manager
    (540) 868-3000

  • Joe LoRusso
    Assistant Parts Manager
    (540) 868-3000

    Favorite Food:Meatballs
    Favorite Movie:Donnie Darko
    Favorite TV Show:Workaholics
    Favorite Book:Anything NON-fiction
    Family Heritage:Italian
    Where I grew up:Army brat
    Favorite Vacation Spot:Carolina Beaches
    Favorite Number:3
    First Car I Owned:1991 Honda Civic
    Favorite Sport:Baseball
    Favorite Sports Team:Phillies, Eagles, and Flyers
    Favorite Superhero:Batman
    If I could have dinner with anyone:My Grandfather
    Favorite Color:Black
    Favorite App on phone:Spotify

  • Jeff Pendleton
    Parts Staff
    (540) 868-3000

  • Michael Gebremidhin
    Parts Specialist
    (540) 868-3000

    Favorite Food:Burger
    Favorite Movie:Fast and Furious (ALL)
    Favorite TV Show:Big Bang Theory/ Top Gear
    Favorite Book:White Fang
    Family Heritage:Ethiopian & Armenian
    Where I grew up:Addis Ababa- Ethiopia
    Favorite Vacation Spot:Anywhere Exotic
    Favorite Number:14
    First Car I Owned:Ford Fusion
    Favorite Sport:Soccer
    Favorite Sports Team:Redskins/ Capitals
    Favorite Superhero:Iron Man
    If I could have dinner with anyone:Jessica Alba
    Favorite Color:Black
    Favorite App on phone:Spotify

  • Stacey Braithwaite
    Parts Specialist
    (540) 868-3000

    Favorite Food:Union Jack's Brit Burger
    Favorite Movie:Last of the Mohicans
    Favorite TV Show:The Walking Dead
    Where I grew up:Pittsburgh PA / Winchester VA
    Favorite Vacation Spot:Any Beach
    Favorite Number:7
    First Car I Owned:1962 Rag top Beetle
    Favorite Sport:Hockey
    Favorite Sports Team:Pittsburg Penguins
    Favorite Superhero:Wolverine
    Favorite Color:Purple

  • Teresa Wismer
    (540) 868-3000

    Favorite Movie:Pizza
    Favorite Movie:Steel Magnolia
    Favorite TV Show:Survivor
    Favorite Movie:The Client
    Family Heritage:Penn Dutch-Scotland
    Where I grew up:Falls Church VA
    Favorite Vacation Spot:Beach
    Favorite Number:18
    First Car I Owned:1974 Mustang ll
    Favorite Sport:Football
    Favorite Sports Team:Sherando Warriors
    Favorite Superhero:Wonder Woman
    If I could have dinner with anyone:My Grandma
    Favorite Color:Blue
    Phone App:Flashlight

  • Tarah Fuhrken
    (540) 868-3000

    Favorite Food:Fettuccine Alfredo
    Favorite TV Show:Whose Line is it Anyways
    Favorite Book:Stephanie Plum Series
    Family Heritage:German and Italian
    Where I grew up:Winchester, VA
    Favorite Vacation Spo:Any Beach!
    Favorite Number:11
    First Car I Owned:Honda Civic
    Favorite Sport:Softball
    Favorite Sports Team:Washington Nationals
    Favorite Superhero:Batman
    Favorite Color:Teal
    Favorite App on phone:Spotify

  • Travis Bailey
    (540) 868-3000

    Favorite FoodKombucha
    Favorite Movie:The Avengers
    Favorite TV Show:Marvel's Agents of Shield
    Favorite Book:The GOOD Book
    Family Heritage:Irish & Native American
    Where I grew up:Northeast PA
    Favorite Vacation Spot:Killington, Vermont
    Favorite Number:3
    First Car I Owned:1995 Isuzu Rodeo
    Favorite Sport:Motorcycle Racing
    Favorite Superhero:Iron Man
    Favorite Color:Red

  • Jamie Gibbs
    (540) 868-3000

    Favorite FoodMom's Orange Chicken
    Favorite Movie:Time Bandits
    Favorite TV Show:Faulty Towers
    Favorite Book:Cryptonomicon
    Family Heritage:British & German
    Where I grew up:Maryland
    Favorite Vacation Spot:Wild & Wonderful West Virginia
    Favorite Number:16
    First Car I Owned:Volvo 145
    Favorite Sport:Motorcycling
    Favorite Superhero:Underdog
    If I could have dinner with anyone:Winston Churchill
    Favorite Color:Yellow
    Phone App:Torque A3DII

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