Don Beyer Volvo Cars Of Winchester

4015 Valley Pike Directions Winchester, VA 22602

  • Sales: (888) 419-3235
  • Service: (888) 419-6309
  • Parts: (888) 419-9190

Winchester's Don Beyer Volvo Staff

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  • Matthew Vollmers
    General Manager
    (540) 868-3000

    Favorite Food     Bar-Be-Que
    Favorite Movie:     From the Earth to the Moon
    Favorite TV Show:     Big Bang Theory
    Favorite Book:     It's Your Ship & The Right Stuff
    Family Heritage:     Greek & German
    Where I grew up:     Army Brat
    Favorite Vacation Spot:     Glendorn Lodge- Bradford PA
    Favorite Number:     15
    First Car I Owned:     1985 VW GTI
    Favorite Sport:     Tennis
    Favorite Sports Team:     USNA Navy
    Favorite Superhero:     Iron Man
    If I could have dinner with anyone:     Thomas Jefferson
    Favorite Color:     Navy Blue
    Phone App:     Radar Now

  • Matt Young
    Sales Manager
    (540) 868-3000

    Favorite Food     NY Strip Steak
    Favorite Book:      The Alchemist
    Family Heritage:     European Mutt
    Where I grew up:     Northern Virginia
    Favorite Vacation Spot:     Anywhere but work
    Favorite Number:     22
    First Car I Owned:     Chrysler Lebaron Convertible
    Favorite Sport:      Baseball
    Favorite Sports Team:      Boston Red Sox
    Favorite Superhero:     Batman
    If I could have dinner with anyone:     Julius Cesar
    Favorite Color:     Yellow
    Phone App:     ESPN

  • Ali Vafadar
    Service Manager
    (540) 868-3000

  • Brian Sandusky
    Parts Manager

  • Colleen McKimmy
    Operations Manager
    (540) 868-3000

    Favorite Food:     Anything with chocolate
    Favorite Movie:     Bring up Baby
    Favorite TV Show:     Big Bang Theory
    Favorite Book:     The Importance of Being Ernest
    Family Heritage:     Irish
    Where I grew up:     Navy Brat
    Favorite Vacation Spot:     Ireland
    Favorite Number:     7326
    First Car I Owned:     1968 Pontiac Grand Prix
    Favorite Sport:     Hockey
    Favorite Sports Team:     Chicago Blackhawks
    Favorite Superhero:     My Dad
    If I could have dinner with anyone:     Nikola Tesla
    Favorite Color:     Violet
    Phone App:     Audio Books

  • Andy Lescalleet
    Sales Consultant
    (540) 868-3000

  • Michael G.
    Customer Concierge
    (540) 868-3000

    Favorite Food:     Burger
    Favorite Movie:     Fast and Furious (ALL)
    Favorite TV Show:     Big Bang Theory/ Top Gear
    Favorite Book:     White Fang
    Family Heritage:     Ethiopian & Armenian
    Where I grew up:     Addis Ababa- Ethiopia
    Favorite Vacation Spot:     Anywhere Exotic
    Favorite Number:     14
    First Car I Owned:     Ford Fusion
    Favorite Sport:     Soccer
    Favorite Sports Team:     Redskins/ Capitals
    Favorite Superhero:     Iron Man
    If I could have dinner with anyone:     Jessica Alba
    Favorite Color:     Black
    Favorite App on phone:     Spotify

  • Stephanie Watts
    Parts Counter
    (540) 868-3000

  • Jay Peterson
    Parts Counter
    (540) 868-3000

  • Adam Glogau
    (540) 868 - 3000